The DonFuerian coat of arms

Humble Beginnings

In 2013, D_loaded logged on to his friend Ben's personal server. His friend was upset that his city, Reich, was taken over by a group of other players known as The Highwaymen. They built their own city, named "Don Fuer", a supposed mistranslation of father's gift. The city was destroyed soon after, but a second DonFuer was constructed nearby at the same time. Unfortunately, that was found too. The server was wiped, and the third DonFuer served as the main city of the new map. This was where the first DonFuerian Hitting Rods were forged, but they were not as powerful as they were at their peak yet. It was destroyed after a long and chaotic war with the Highwaymen. The Fourth DonFuer was built underground, in an attempt to stop the highwaymen from finding it. Above the underground city was a decoy town. However, that town eventually became larger than DonFuer 4 and such, became DonFuer 5. Both were destroyed with the whole world by supposed hackers, but presumably Ben just deleted or corrupted the save.

Intermittent Period

Ben and D travelled out of their bubble onto a small faction server in late 2014 for DonFuer 6, which was placed next to an allied PVP faction. Ben got bored and left, while D built the whole town single-handedly, offering free houses to all who promised to defend the city. One day, he logged in to see it destroyed. In one weekend, it was entirely rebuilt as DonFuer 7. This is the first picture of whygoodboyg, going by Jarman414. A new year started, 2015. A second PVP-oriented faction was allied to protect it, and the factions bridged to eachother where they built a castle. Unfortunately, Ben returned with the Highwaymen who destroyed the city. This would be the last city the Highwaymen destroy. The Eighth DonFuer was built approximately half a year later on an unnamed faction server where D_loaded had administrator privileges. The DonFuerian Hitting Rods were reforged with extra strength. It fell when the server ran out of money.

(top) DonFuer 7, built on an unknown server, 2014
(bottom) DonFuer 8, built on an unknown server, 2015

(top) DonFuer 12, built on 2b2t in 2017
(bottom) DonFuer 9, built on MozartRealms in 2016

Pax DonFuer

DonFuer 9 was the first to be preserved in a world download. It was built an entire year after 8, on faction server MozartRealms, where D would meet HermeticLock. Soon after that, HermeticLock created an anarchy server called AnarchyHeroes. The server was backdoored and littered with illegal items. D_loaded and DonFuer moved to 2b2t after the Vortex Coalition invaded. 2b2t would end up being where DonFuer 10 was built. DonFuer 9 was destroyed afterward in the first DonFuerian Civil War, when the people who had been in DonFuer on 2b2t, fought the people who had stayed behind on AnarchyHeros. Babbaj griefed DonFuer 10, leading to 11, which was abandoned as HermeticLock was starting the Spawnmasons. DonFuer 12, the final base on 2b2t for 3 years, was built shortly thereafter. For 13, DonFuer moved to an obscure faction server called IcedMC led by a crazy admin where MikelAx7 first joined the group. The admin destroyed the entire city after dragonworm built a small water cube near world spawn. Dragonworm and MikelAx7 would keep talking to Archery until 2020 when it was mutually agreed that nothing good would come from continued communication.

The Decay

DonFuer migrated back to AnarchyHeroes, which HermeticLock eventually sold. This is where 14 and 16 were created. In between this was DonFuer 15, built on AMC. At this time, the DonFuerian Hitting Rods reached their full power, allowing the user to destroy anyone it touched immediately. DonFuer attempted to protect the sacred weapons from new players. Unfortunately, other old players didn't play along. They went to a new player, Starlane, and staged a "Revolution" which failed miserably in its goal of destroying DonFuer 14. Unfortunately, 14 was destroyed later overnight. Many revolution members joined and reparations were paid to DonFuer. 15 was destroyed by a member named Blaze_Warfare after he lost an online game against D. 16 was built out of one of the oldest sites on AnarchyHeroes, and wasn't named until it was destroyed. AnarchyHeroes was supposed to shut down that year, but it lasted until 2019. DonFuer 17 was built on Geocraft. Blaze_Warfare was responsible for D_loaded getting banned, and having the faction disbanded by the admins. However, DonFuer 17 stayed on the server as a warp hub for Alaska. After this, people seemed to lose interest in DonFuer. Membership was dropping and remaining members were promoted to Elder to keep up morale. D_loaded would eventually disband DonFuer in August 2019, around the same time AnarchyHeros was ending.

DonFuer 17, built on Geocraft in 2019

(top) Don Himmel, built on DestroyMC in 2020
(bottom) DonFuer 18 (AKA COVID-2147), built on 2b2t in 2020

The Revival

D_loaded built at a base with the Spawnmasons on 2b2t in March 2020. The Spawnmasons called this base Covid-2147. However D, noting that nobody else seemed to build there, called it DonFuer 18. So much drama came from this name conflict that FitMC made a video about it. Due to the contents of that video, D_loaded and HermeticLock reforged their friendship and the Guardsmen were formed. separately, DonFuer was brought back together by old DonFuerians UpliftSage317, FaT_EaRtHeR, Whygoodboyg, dragonworm and MikelAx7. Elders were replaced with a council of Kings, populated by FaT, Uplift, dragonworm, and Whygoodboyg. Uplift was a member of a local group of builders known as Deadwood, and so the two groups formed a base together. While dragonworm and whygoodboyg built there, Noble MikelAx7 worked with the lower ranks setting up a variety of spawnbases. This is where MikelAx7 met Spartan4200. DestroyMC was a quaint server, with only a small handful of players. As such, every member was more or less friendly with eachother and was a member of several groups. In mid to late 2020, D_loaded made his return to DonFuer. D_loaded and Dragonworm created the 2b2t branch so that there could be a DonFuerian presence on multiple servers at once. D_loaded built several new bases, each greater than the last. Many promising new members joined the 2b2t branch and assisted in building DonFuer 2b2t to what it is today. Additionally, DonFuer 10 was rebuilt for a short while. When notorius griefer 3vt came to regrief DonFuer 10, new member Reggie caused him to combat log, defending the base from destruction. DonFuer 10 eventually succumbed once more to the same force that befalls all of the great builds on the server, but not many factions can say that they've ungriefed a base years after the fact.

A Dark Winter

DestroyMC's Deadwood and DonFuer worked closely together over the server's life, culminating in their DonWood base which was regarded as the capital city of the server. DonFuerian Elders were growing increasingly concerned with Uplift and Deadwood's apparent moves to absorb DonFuer completely. D_loaded and dragonworm had a very tough choice to make. Under cover of night, dragonworm assumed the name Deus_Vult19 and quietly destroyed the entire city. He left right as MikelAx7 arrived, alerting the rest of the group immediately. This incident prompted the immediate divorce of DonFuer and Deadwood, causing many members of the group to leave. Relations between DonFuer and Deadwood remained frosty for many years. DestroyMC shut down shortly after. On the 2b2t branch, D_loaded began work on a new style base, which was given the name Karakorum. It used Japanese architecture which made it very unique next to bases before it. It was affectionately called ChongFuer by several members. It was officially given the name "ChongFuer" post-mortem.

"Well that's just blasphemy. Yeah, okay, burn it! Burn it down!"

The map of Rathnir, one of the realms on Stoneworks, when DonFuer first joined.

Unprecedented Expansion

After DMC died, most groups there moved to NetherAnarchy immediately. However, DonFuer had moved to 9b9t where supplies were gathered but not much action occurred. DonFuer finally moved to NetherAnarchy on November 30, 2020 when Dragonworm temporarily stepped down to allow MikelAx7 to rise to power. In December, a new branch of DonFuer was inducted, the 2b2t spawn rangers. Promising member of DonFuer Zeiss was chosen to lead the new branch, and it quickly overtook the main 2b2t branch in member count. 2b2t DonFuer later had it's application system removed as it looked to promising Spawn Rangers for new membership. D_loaded wanted to expand DonFuerian influence over the broad Minecraft community, leading to him discovering Stoneworks in early 2021. The Stoneworks branch was set up but was sold off as DonFuer had a lot of work to get through on other branches first. The buyers, Nova Regna, offered control back to DonFuer at any time. In September of 2021, DonFuer returned to Stoneworks and is now in the fight for server supremacy. Plans for a branch on Minecortex, a server owned by enemy-turned-friend Computerist, were drafted but scrapped after the server shut down.

The Present

DonFuer 20, possibly the largest one to date, as well as 21, came and went on 2b2t over the turn of 2021. Noble Spartan4200 caused NetherAnarchy to abruptly shut down by doxing the admin. For this offense he was swiftly banned. DonFuer 19 was left in limbo until the world download came out in October. After a brief period where all the DonFuerians were sick of Minecraft, we are now building our empire again on PhoenixAnarchy. With five active branches of DonFuer on different servers and many new bases on the horizon, the adventure of the DonFuerian empire is far from over. Head over to our application page and make history today!

ChongFuer, built on 2b2t in 2020

The DonFuerian Hitting Rod is a series of proprietary weapons that have appeared in DonFuerian Lore all the way back to DonFuer 3. Despite only being sticks at first that were capable of inflicting fire damage and knockback, they later became blaze rods capable of inflicting instant death. This is what father's gift actually was.

The DonFuerian flag has existed since the beginning. The white cross was added at DonFuer 9, symbolizing rebirth of the group after a whole year. The red and black colors have been inverted a few times, but originally and currently, black is on the top left and bottom right.

The DonFuerian sigil is the name given to the stone circle found on many DonFuer bases. The circle has the base name written on it in Runes. They were generally made with stone and obsidian but sometimes beacons were involved and other structures were placed on them like in DonFuer 13.